Bible stories, lost cities, Lawrence of Arabia - Jordan has romantic associations up to its eyeballs. Its a country that ought to be awash with tourists, but the Middle Easts bad reputation has kept them away in droves. Dont be fooled: Jordan is, on the whole, peaceful. More than that, its one of the most welcoming, hospitable countries in the world. Where else could you leave your belongings on the street for hours at a time, and find them there when you get back Where else do total strangers with nothing to sell invite you into their homes Jordan isnt just a friendly cup of tea with the locals, though. Its also home to two of the most spectacular sights in the Middle East. Petra, the ancient city of the Nabateans, may be overrun with snap-happy day-trippers, but that doesnt change the fact that its one of the worlds most atmospheric ruins. For a slightly more contemplative experience, the startling desert scenery of Wadi Rum enraptured Lawrence of Arabia and has caused more than one traveller to don a kaffiyeh and gaze defiantly into the middle distance.

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