Palmyra Atoll  
Palmyra Atoll is an uninhabited, Palmyra is one of the Northern Line Islands, located almost due south of the Hawaiian Islands, roughly halfway between Hawaii and American Samoa. Its 14.5 km of coastline has one anchorage known as West Lagoon. It consists of an extensive reef, two shallow lagoons, and some 50 sand and reef-rock islets and bars covered with vegetation—mostly coconut trees, Scaevola, and tall Pisonia trees. Palmyra is an incorporated territory of the United States, meaning that it is subject to all provisions contained in the United States Constitution and is permanently under U.S. sovereignty. It is also an unorganized territory as there is no Congressional act specifying how it should be governed, which is now a moot point as there is now no indigenous population nor any reason to think that there will be one in the future.

 States/Provinces Of Palmyra Atoll